Introduction to Generative Computing

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Generative Computing
2. Goals
3. What is Generative Computing?
4. Technologies comprising "Generative Computing"
5. How generative computing works
6. Generation phases and binding
7. Static vs. dynamic approaches
8. Generic vs. Generative Computing
9. Stumbling into generative programming: A document processing framework
10. Code Generation
11. Reasons for code generation
12. Code Generation Process
13. Code Generation Decision Tree
14. Examples for code generation
15. A simple class template
16. Generating Glue Code for Frameworks
17. Active vs. passive Generators
18. Code driven vs. Model driven Generators
19. Example of code-driven generation
20. Code Generation vs. Compilation
21. Is Code also a model?
22. Imperative vs. declarative Code
23. End-to-end vs. Platform Generation
24. Template Problems
25. Limits to code generation
26. Model Driven Architecture (MDA)